Our Process

WorkCover Assist Process

Once we are notified that you would like our assistance:

  • We will write to you to confirm we received and registered your request.
  • After the ACCS has set a conciliation conference date, we will allocate a Workers' Consultant to assist you.
  • Your Workers' Consultant will review all the relevant documentation.
  • Approximately 2 weeks before your allocated conciliation conference date, your Workers' Consultant will contact you by telephone to introduce themselves and provide you with information about the conciliation process and your WorkCover dispute.
  • With your approval, your Workers' Consultant will contact your WorkCover agent or self-insurer on your behalf to investigate the possibility of resolving your dispute before the conciliation conference. Your Workers' Consultant will keep you fully informed of all discussions held with the WorkCover agent or self-insurer.
  • If your dispute can't be resolved beforehand, your Workers' Consultant will attend your conciliation conference at the ACCS as your assistant.
  • Your Workers' Consultant will be at the ACCS 30 minutes before your scheduled conference to meet with you and answer any final questions you may have.

Your Workers' Consultant will ensure you are fully informed of all relevant information throughout the course of the conciliation process.