Below are some testimonials received by us:

"The staff were incredibly polite and understood my situation. They assisted me in having a result that I am rather happy with."

"WorkCover Assist take the time to explain things thoroughly and they show there full support in you and believing in you regarding your circumstances because they truly care about you and getting the best outcome for you."

"As I found this process a bit overwhelming on top of all the other issues I was dealing with, I found the people I dealt with at WorkCover Assist during this process to be supportive, understanding and very knowledgeable on the issues at hand which was a great help in understanding the process."

"WorkCover Assist is one of the best services I have experienced so far!!!"

"WorkCover Assist is an excellent service and could not do enough for me, thanks so much."

"WorkCover Assist is a very valuable group of people that truly care for the dignity and well being of people when they are truly going through a tough time. I thank you once again."

"The WorkCover Assist people have always been very understanding and helpful even after a conference has finished."

"In my experience this service was exemplary. Thank you!!!"